Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday musings…

Remixes are passé. This is the generation of dare to dream directors….and thus remakes. Don and Umrao Jaan: same story, different canvas. It took me some guts against the public outcry, to finally demand Don from the CD parlor. I admit…I liked it ... cinematography, performances, costumes, techno outlook and a lot more things. Accept it or not, the movie is really good, only if you stop being a part of that national campaign which says Big B jaisa koi nahi and Shahrukh we hate you because you try to give Amitabh a run for roles and money. You even stole his part in KBC…how dare you (an offended freak even called Shahrukh a prostitute in a post on IBN). We know Big B has no equal…don’t we. Even to say that Big B was better is…well foolish. I mean who in the world asked you to compare. So relax…Even Masand at IBN disappointed me with his scene to scene comparison in his review of the movie….but that guy I am sure has something against Farhaan Akhtar(he cud not appreciate Laksya too). Big B and King Khan cannot and should not be compared...if you do that, better shut up and go and watch the gibberish Priyadarshan comedies.

Umrao Jaan's failure...hmm: a mismanaged and hastily executed project, which cud have been better. I did enjoy the beautiful lady in there, she was trying to act good (i said trying). As for Bachan jr...he for sure was looking like a cut

Mauli had good fun at Aryan's B'day. Thanks mom Radhika for the yum party.

Ashi, we miss you and are waiting to hear from you.


Abby said...

Me too... Don was good.

I'll go a li'l step forward... Farhan's direction was better than Chandra Barot in Amitabh's Don.

Don I had only Amitabh. Rest all was very casual.

Don II missed out only on Amitabh. Rest all rocked.

Ipsita said...

Hey Shweta,

I think you are one cool person and quite a fun-person to hang around with. I consider you as one of my, let's say, value-add friends in my most-revered list of office-friends. Keep it going do rock! :) Love that's some compliment which doesn't come easy, so cherish it, ok?