Friday, January 19, 2007

Confused- Me, Shilpa or the Janta

Shilpa Shetty seems to be as confused as I am. Yes, there are times when you really want to shoot the person you have an argument with. Thats how temper runs in our over stressed minds. But on second thoughts, it really feels like an outburst on both sides.

I hate people at times, so much so that feel like killing them. But the moment my temper sinks, the only thought is, "hey why did i have to do all that". Unfortunately for me, it is always my close ones who have to take all the wrath....and then a spurt of apologies follow.

Thankfully as i have not yet gained the celebrity status in life, people do not burn effigies and shout slogans, and neither does the parliament echo with empathies for me. God, why do people over react. Shilpa is a mature person and would have handled it as and how she would have pleased, but after quivering the British Parliament and causing traffic jams in Delhi, she meekly admitted that she did not mean that. So now are all the Shilpa fans burning her effigy or moving in search of another scapegoat… out for the next news bulletin.

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