Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bye Ashi..

Mauli’s bua Ashima is flown to the US this morning, her long time dream is accomplished. She always had that mettle in her, but failed to recognize it. She wanted to fly, but was never ready to open her wings, and when she did…she could fly. As I blog here, I can visualize her in the sky…flying. Congratulation dear….I will miss you!!!

Still high on patriotism as I hear Falak pakad ke utho aur hawa pagad ke chalo ( I think I caught the patriotic fever after anchoring a Republic day antakshari at Keane. It was great success and Sukant was really happy. (He is no guy next door but our very own MD). When a fellow at work Ipsita said...i was looking at you in surprise and I am really proud of you, that was it to make my day. Our team had a blast and walked away with prizes from Sukant. Wowo...

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Abby said...

Kewl. Keep at it!